BodyCraft GL
BodyCraft GL

BodyCraft GL



  • Adjustable seat and seat back (up/down/forward)
  • Bench press/Mid-row station with adjustable starting point.
  • Ab crunch station with harness.
  • Low pulley station for seated rows, upright rows, abductor and adductor leg kicks, bicep curls and more with ankle strap and short bar (both included).
  • High pulley station for lat pull downs and tricep push downs.
  • Seated leg extension and standing leg curl station.
  • Optional leg press station
  • 200lb shrouded, machine-cut weight stack
  • Space-efficient corner design (Smaller than most home gyms)
  • Physical dimensions: 54" x 48" x 83.5"
  • Required user space: 71" x 64" x 83.5"
  • With optional leg press: 75" x 73" x 83.5"
  • Add Leg Press for $599.99