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Great Lakes Superior XL Multi Gym w/ 2 X 200lb Weight Stacks




The Great Lakes Superior XL Multi Gym is built for maximal strength, flexibility, and exercise variety. Adding addition height to the gym allows for further range of motion and adaption for everyone. The ultimate gym to hit any type of training you need! With a strong and durable construction-design, the Superior Multi Gym provides safety and a professional quality finish.

FUNCTIONAL TRAINER –  Dual front adjustable pulleys with 21 different height positions. Introducing a smooth pin-lock system; switch from any training height with ease. Numerous attachments are able to connect to your cable system with 200 lbs stacks on each side. Laser etched numerals have been added to ensure both pulleys are at equal heights. A Footplate has been incorporated for a low-row exercise option.

POWER RACK –  The Half Power Rack gives you a sturdy safe space to exercise with your free weights, equipped with adjustable J-hooks and Safety spotter arms. A built in multi-grip pull up bar allows you to train upper body strength. (Heavy gage metal design)

SMITH MACHINE –  Precise Smith-Machine system designed for natural upper and lower body movements. Including safety locking points and adjustable safety stops; train with the assurance you can stop any workout routine, at any time.  This Smith machine incorporates vertical up and down movement on a guide rail-system.

SPACE SAVING –  (6) Olympic weight plate storage horns and (2) Olympic Barbell holders are constructed on the back side of the unit for easy organized access. (10) Accessory hooks create additional storage space for attachments/bands etc.

ACCESSORIES –  A Landmine press (1) is installed on either side of your unit with a T-bar handle (1) available for rows.

Others; Lat Bar (1) Straight Bar (1) Long Curl Bar (1) Dip Handles (2) Triceps Rope (1) Single Chrome Handle (2) Triceps Bar (1) Chinning-Tri (1) Ankle Strap (1) Foot Plate (1)

Time to train! Hit every muscle group and expand your workouts!

(Contact for delivery and installation)


  • 69″ D x 82″ W (including Smith Bar) x 92″ H
  • 63″ D x 55″ W (no bar or accessories, just the rack section) x 92″ H
  • J-Hook Measurement (if using rack with Olympic Bar) – 54″
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