IBF Sand Bag

IBF Sand Bag


The Iron Body Fitness Weight Training Bag, is a versatile tool to increase muscle mass and burn calories. Add resistance to any fitness workout while increasing strength, power, stamina, and endurance. A heavy duty durable thick nylon, double stitched bag with six different grip handles. Four inner sleeve bags for adding weight, typically sand is used, and each bag is sealed with a double wall wrapped hook & loop closure. The main bag can then be sealed via zipper, snap domes, and adjustable buckles for different weight capacities.

Weight can be adjusted from 4.5kg – 22.7 kg (50 lb).

Sand not included.


  • 4 inner sleeve bags (1 x 9.2kg, 3 x 4.5kg) for adding weight with double wall hook & loop sealed closure
  • Weight adjustable from 4.5 kg – 22.7kg (50 lb)
  • 6 different position grip handles to suit the specific training method
  • Deluxe zipper, snap domes, and adjustable slide buckles for closing main bag not included