Powertec Pec Fly Accessory

Powertec Pec Fly Accessory

Perfect resistance from top to bottom:
The new Workbench Pec Fly is designed to duplicate the highly successful dumbbell fly. Dual moving lever arms not only accomplish this precisely but make the exercise actually much better by maintaining resistance throughout the entire movement. The machine lever arms keep tension on the muscle at all times for the ultimate pump.

Easy in and out access:
All Workbench machine Accessories are quality built and relatively lightweight for quick and easy in and out access. Some accessories even incorporate a handle for gripping when moving the accessory. A knob lock pin tightens the accessory during exercise.

Store your Accessories:
The Workbench Accessory Storage Rack (WB-ASR) allows you to store your Machine Accessory when it is not in use saving valuable floor space and keeping your gym neat and organized.