Sole ST600 Strider


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The SOLE ST600 strider was designed to provide a total body workout that is easy on your joints. It is loaded with the features you need to meet your fitness goals and to maximize the time and effort you put into keeping fit.

The SOLE ST600 strider is a special breed of elliptical machine with power adjustable stride. This means in a single workout the ST600 can be used in multiple settings to isolate and tone different muscle groups. The wide range of stride accommodates any size of user. Shorter settings target thighs and calves, while a longer stride setting targets glutes and hamstrings. Additionally, the ST600 lets you work your upper body with its moving handlebars.

Built with a sturdy steel frame for both stability and durability, the ST600 is designed for consistent use, accommodating adults of any size. With a 27-pound drive and multigrip handlebars, it offers the high-quality total body training of a commercial fitness machine while backed by a long warranty for home use.

From light to total body to high intensity workouts, the SOLE ST600 strider offers a comfortable and effective cardio workout on an ergonomic machine.

SOLE Strider Technology

The engineering team at SOLE strive to exceed consumer expectations. Through emphasizing quality design, they consistently create quiet, stable, and durably made machines. SOLE trainers combine low-impact exercise and natural movement with all the best features and upgrades. Designed to accommodate your stride, SOLE striders allow you to forget about the machine and focus on your workout.

Striders allow your body to emulate a running motion without causing the strenuous impact on your joints, providing a low-impact workout. Using a low-impact cardio machine can aid in the recovery from surgeries/injuries, or joint conditions. Striders are easy to use and will burn lots of calories, aid in weight loss, engage your core as well as lower and upper body muscles, and provide cardiovascular benefits.

Adjustable Stride

This will allow you to target different muscle groups within your legs, expanding your workout potential! The shorter stride targets the thighs and calves, while the longer stride lengths can be used to replicate a jogging or sprinting motion to target the glutes and hamstrings.

Space Saving Design

The Strider has a compact footprint, which is smaller than most ellipticals in its class and saves valuable floor space. Moving the elliptical is a snap with the oversized transport wheels.

Ergonomic Foot Positioning

Oversized foot pedals are positioned closer together to provide a comfortable and more natural stride. They also allow for greater stability in a variety of foot positions. The Strider closely simulates real-world walking, jogging and running.

Heavy Duty Frame

Designed and built for home use with a solid steel frame stable and durable enough for the commercial market. The ST600’s design features powder-coated tubing and a high weight capacity of 350 lbs.


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