It is no secret that the technology that surrounds us changes and evolves every day. The fitness world is no different.

In fact, there are many wearable gadgets available that can help you count your steps, calories, and measure heart rate, sleeping patterns and overall activity. With products like Fitbit, Jawbone, the new Polar Loop (now available at Niagara/Hamilton Fitness Solutions), and activity tracking apps on your phone, the days of writing down everything in a log book are officially over!

Technology in the fitness world certainly does not begin and end with wearable devices. Life Fitness has always been on the cutting edge of technology. They created the first piece of electronic fitness equipment more than 40 years ago, and they haven’t looked back. The Life Fitness Track+ Console is another industry leader and first of its kind. Compatible with home treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes, the Track+ console gives the user a running experience that will keep you coming back for more. There’s no question that fitness apps are the future of fitness and the Track+ console allows you to sync you tablet or smart phone to “Track” all of your results instantly. It also keeps you entertained with breakthrough interactive apps like Paofit (a must try!),  Life Fitness’ own LF Connect app, and even works with apps you already use and love, like My Fitness Pal. Not to mention, this console is upgradeable, which means you will never be left with a console that is obsolete!

Octane Fitness has also enhanced the technology of their consoles with the new Xi Console and Smart Link app. This interactive app is like having a personal trainer by your side for your entire workout. The consoles show videos of technique while incorporating strength exercises into your cardio workout!

With so many fitness technology options, it is important to try and focus on what will work for you. If you are looking at exercise equipment for your home, give serious thought to technology and how it will help you achieve your fitness goals. Don’t grow OUT of your equipment, grow WITH it!

Come on in and we’ll show you the latest!!!

The Fitness Solutions Team